Mark Margolis, Breaking Bad Actor, Passes Away

Mark Margolis was nominated for an Emmy Award in 2012.

Mark Margolis in Ace Ventura with Jim Carrey.

Actor Mark Margolis has passed away at age 83, according to THR. He had a long and impressive career as an actor in both film and television. He became well-known for his memorable performances in various iconic projects. In the 1983 film “Scarface,” Margolis played the character of Alberto, “The Shadow,” with depth and intensity, alongside Al Pacino’s Tony Montana. He also showcased his versatility in the comedy classic “Ace Ventura: Pet Detective” (1994), where he played the vengeful landlord, Mr. Shickadance, leaving a lasting impression on viewers.

On television, Margolis made a lasting impact with his portrayal of Antonio Nappa in the critically acclaimed HBO series “Oz.” His compelling performance added depth to the show’s gritty narrative. However, his later roles truly established him as a distinguished actor. In “Breaking Bad,” he gave a tour de force performance as Hector Salamanca, a fan-favorite character who communicated primarily through a bell due to a stroke. He continued mesmerizing viewers with his portrayal of Hector in the prequel series “Better Call Saul.” Throughout his career, Margolis’s talent and dedication earned him the admiration and respect of colleagues and audiences. Read more News on Nerdtropolis and make sure to subscribe to our Channel.

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