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Leo begins streaming on Netflix on November 21st, 2023.

Leo is the upcoming Netflix animated musical comedy. It stars Adam Sandler, who brings to life the character of Leo. He is a world-weary 74-year-old lizard. For decades he has been in the same Florida classroom alongside his equally jaded terrarium mate, a turtle voiced by Bill Burr. The film is a heartwarming coming-of-age story that takes a unique perspective. As Leo discovers he has only one year left to live, he hatches a plan to escape his terrarium. All he wants to do is experience the world outside. However, fate has other plans for him. He becomes entangled in the lives of his young, anxious students, including dealing with an impossibly mean substitute teacher. Watch the trailer below!

“LEO” is a whimsical journey highlighting the beauty of unexpected friendships and the realization that life’s most fulfilling adventures may come in the most unusual and heartwarming forms. Adam Sandler’s signature humor and voice acting skills infuse Leo with a unique charm that captivates audiences of all ages. His portrayal of Leo, a lizard with decades of wisdom and experience, contrasts the youthful energy of the students he encounters. The film’s blend of comedy, music, and heartfelt storytelling promises to be a great addition to the animated movie world.

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