LEGO Star Wars Holiday Special Review

LEGO Star Wars Holiday Special is for all generations of fans

The LEGO Star Wars Holiday Special is a playful and joyous celebration of the Skywalker Saga set after the events of Episode 9. It features a cross-timeline mash-up of iconic heroes and villains throughout the franchise.


The story opens on the festive holiday called Life Day. Everyone across the galaxy is in a festive spirit, but Rey is focused on embarking on a mission. With BB-8 by her side Rey is off to find a Jedi temple that only shows itself on this special day. She is determined to gain the wisdom within the temple and pass down the Jedi traditions and teachings to her friends. Within the temple, Rey embarks on an epic adventure across time, featuring memorable moments from the Star Wars saga.

This 1 hour special is extremely fun and entertaining regardless of your age. There is something for every type of Star Wars fan. We get many callbacks to classic scenes, and fan favorite characters return to put a smile on your face. Even new fans of the franchise will recognize some familiar faces. The main plot would have been perfect for an Episode X but unfortunately it gets wasted with this special. It was just a Disney+ filibuster created with LEGO designs, that will be forgotten after Thanksgiving. It is worth the watch though for it’s nostalgia and humor, which pokes fun of the franchise itself.


I give the LEGO Star Wars Holiday Special a 7/10. It would have been more appealing to fans if it wasn’t done with LEGO but I still think that all Star Wars fans of all ages will still enjoy it.

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