LEGO Marvel Avengers: Code Red – Trailer

LEGO Marvel Avengers: Code Red is a Disney+ Special.

“LEGO Marvel Avengers: Code Red” is an upcoming exciting addition to Disney+. It begins streaming on October 27th. The movie begins with The Avengers jubilantly celebrating their latest triumph, a much-needed respite from their endless battles. Yet, their revelry is abruptly shattered when Black Widow’s father, Red Guardian, vanishes under mysterious circumstances. This unexpected disappearance sends shockwaves through the superhero community, especially as Red Guardian has always been a pillar of strength and wisdom for Natasha Romanoff. As the Avengers delve into the investigation, they uncover a perplexing and sinister plot. They soon realize that Red Guardian’s disappearance is just the tip of the iceberg, as they face a new adversary unlike any they’ve encountered before. This enigmatic foe is a formidable challenge for Earth’s mightiest heroes, pushing their teamwork, wits, and powers to the limits. Watch the trailer below!

The film boasts a talented voice. It includes Laura Bailey, Trevor Devall, Steve Blum, Will Friedle, James Mathis III, Liam O’Brien, Laura Post, Bumper Robinson, Roger Craig Smith, Fred Tatasciore, Travis Willingham, and Mick Wingert. These seasoned voice actors bring the beloved Marvel characters to life with charm and humor. This LEGO Marvel film will be an entertaining experience for fans of all ages. “LEGO Marvel Avengers: Code Red” promises a thrilling adventure. It is filled with humor, action, and surprises as the Avengers unite again to save the day while facing a formidable and mysterious adversary. This special will be a treat for both LEGO enthusiasts and Marvel fans.

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