Legion Of X Introduces New Team Of Mutants

Legion Of X Marvel Comic coming this Spring!

Legion Of X is the new era of X-Men where the mutant nation of Krakoa will thrive like never before. But beneath the surface of this mutant paradise, troubling questions still remain. Krakoa has its laws — but does it have justice? Writer Si Spurrier and artist Jan Bazaldua will tackle this question and more in LEGION OF X, a new X-Men ongoing series launching in April.

Spurrier is known for his work on X-MEN LEGACY and X-FORCE titles. He returns to the saga he planted in “WAY OF X” with a brand-new team of mutant favorites ready to bring peace, love, and justice to Krakoa. He is teaming up with Bazaldua whose stunning artwork perfectly captures both the beauty and mystery of Krakoa. Fans can expect to see some of the most dangerous internal threats Krakoa’s faced to date, ones that only the Legion of X are equipped to handle.


To remain a mutant sanctuary, Krakoa must safeguard itself against those who would damage its peace or traumatize its people. The lost must be found, and the wicked must face redemption — or retribution. It’s up to the ever-soulful swashbuckler Nightcrawler to keep the spark alive and the omega-level mutant Legion to host a unique team in the psychedelic mind space called the Altar.

The Legion of X will do anything to protect mutants’ right to pursue happiness and hope.

They will have to go head to head with Pixie, Juggernaut, Blindfold, Dr. Nemesis, and more. The team will come out of the gate with some of the most intense missions Krakoa has faced to date. That includes a hunt for a missing Arakkii god, a skinjacker possessing innocent mutants, and a villain worth praying for… Prepare to meet these exciting new additions to the X-Men’s iconic rogues gallery as LEGION OF X bares mutant kind’s heart and soul!

You can pick up Issue #1 April 20th from Bedrock City Comics. Read more Comic News on Nerdtropolis.

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