Kevin Smith To Host Several Special Events Over The Summer

Upcoming live shows from Kevin Smith announced.

Kevin Smith wearing sports coat and hat at Clerks 3 premiere.

Kevin Smith, a renowned filmmaker, actor, and writer, has exciting events lined up for pop culture fans. On July 10th, Kevin and Marc Bernardin will host a live show of their podcast “Fatman Beyond” at Scum & Villainy Cantina in LA. They will discuss the new Marvel Studios series “Secret Invasion.” This event is a must-attend, as the duo’s schedule is usually jam-packed. They will also appear in San Diego for an SDCC edition of the podcast at Mooby’s Pop Up at the Tin Roof. Smith will also host Jay and Silent Bob Get Old with Jason Mewes and Hollywood Babble-On with Ralph Garman. More information here.

On August 12th, Smodcastle Cinemas in New Jersey will host a TUSK screening followed by a Q&A with Kevin Smith and Justin Long. Tusk is about Wallace (Justin Long), a journalist on a mission who discovers the story of a lifetime in Mr. Howe (Michael Parks), a worldwide adventurer with amazing tales and a curious penchant for walruses.

On August 26th, Marc Benardin joins Kevin Smith for Keep Calm and Curry On! at Smodcastle Cinemas. It is a double feature of Clu and Legend, followed by a Q&A. Please note that Kevin Smith’s Smodcastle shows usually run very long. The night starts late and starts with a fundraising auction to support the theater, including rare one-of-a-kind props, mementos, and signed items. Post-auction, there’s an intro to begin the main program, followed by a Q&A/Group Discussion after the movie ends. We suggest planning your night accordingly. Read more News on Nerdtropolis and Subscribe to our Channel.

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