Justin Timberlake and Benicio Del Toro Star In Netflix’s “Reptile”

Justin Timberlake, Benicio Del Toro and Ailcia Silverstone star in a chilling thriller.

“Reptile” is an upcoming mystery thriller starring Benicio Del Toro, Justin Timberlake, and Alicia Silverstone. It promises a gripping tale of suspense and intrigue, directed by Grant Singer. Del Toro, renowned for his performances in movies like “Traffic” and “The Usual Suspects, plays Detective Tom Nichols. He is a character grappling with the pursuit of a relentless killer and the haunting shadows of his past. Del Toro also co-wrote the screenplay with Singer and Benjamin Brewer, earning his first screenplay credit. The film’s enigmatic narrative, characterized by unexpected twists and turns, features Timberlake as the husband of the murder victim, Will. Silverstone plays Judy, Detective Nichols’ wife. Watch the trailer below!


The film is set in the aftermath of a gruesome murder involving a young real estate agent. It delves into the relentless quest of Detective Nichols to unravel a web of deception, corruption, and illusion. As the narrative unfolds, Detective Nichols’ journey becomes one of self-discovery and redemption as he confronts the darkness lurking within his life.

Reptile will have its world premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival in September. Netflix will begin streaming the film on October 6th. Watch more Trailers and make sure to Subscribe to our YouTube.

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