I Am Bread Is Starch Wars For Xbox

Are you bready for I Am Bread?

I Am Bread Screengrab

Should you buy it for Xbox?

I bought this game for Xbox on sale for like four dollars, a price that I immediately recognized couldn’t possibly disappoint unless it makes my Xboox melt next week. It puts you behind the mind and motor skills of a semi-sentient piece of bread hell bound on becoming toast, causing chaos in its doughy wake.

What does it do right? 

This is puzzle game at its heart. The puzzle being “become toast at all costs”. With intentionally wonky bread-like controls and a sub-goal of staying edible, this gmae will have you scaling kitchen walls, making leaps of faith onto ironing boards, and firing up lawnmowers. There’s also an amazingly funny story about Mr. Murton and his Psychiatrist, Mr. Murton insists he is being tormented by bread…

What does it do wrong?

This game has timed levels which I almost always fail, but I’m sure putting more hours in behind the body and spirit of bread would clear that right up. Luckily for me failing the time allotted still allowed me to continue progressing into the next levels! 

Should you buy I Am Bread?

Absolutely! I Am Bread is affordable, hilarious, annoying, frustrating, and good clean fun. It is available for multiple gaming systems, plus it’s Mental Health safe and Family Friendly. 

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