Human: Fall Flat – Video Game Review

Is Human: Fall Flat Good?

Yes. Human: Fall Flat delivers a one of a kind single/co-op/or full-on multiplayer experience. You play as a moderately customizable Jelly-like person with intentionally complex sluggish controls. The controls will have you crying as often as laughing as you inevitably fail the seemingly simple puzzles put before you. Don’t worry death is no obstacle, you’ll respawn quickly and fall ragdoll-like through back down to a “recent” checkpoint.

What is does well.

My brother and I beat Human: Fall Flat and playing the campaign co-op was easy and fun. If working together to solve puzzles sounds good to you, I recommend this title! It’s family-friendly fun for all ages and the ugly controls are part of the charm. You’ll travel from construction sites through ruins, factories, castles, and more, taking no more than an hour to complete most levels. Joining an open multiplayer session is usually very simple, but people online might not always focus on the goal at hand (sometimes you just got to body slam someone off the map). The soundtrack doesn’t bump or anything, but I’m not sure that was ever the intention. The music keeps up with the pacing of the game in a pleasant if not, elevator music, type of way.

Why does it do badly?

The game isn’t a graphical masterpiece, and the maps are definitely… floating islands. Stylistically it works, but it’s not grandiose. The controls can be more than a little frustrating, sometimes your left hand will reach under your right leg and pull some jacked up twister type shit. You might have a hard time driving the vehicles, which is all part of the intent. The game feels like a great physics lesson in a great physics engine that is totally void of purpose, reason, substance, story. It’s puzzles with none of the fluff that make a good narrative experience. The developers are sitting on a gold mine if they could figure out what to do with their sandbox next.

Perfect for brothers, couples, friends, kids, and jelly donut lovers- You should give this game a shot. Puzzle-solving with friends is like the whole reason people go to escape rooms. This game isn’t competitive or serious, it’s good clean fun. No blood, no guts, no guns, and your kids might accidentally learn a thing or two about critical thinking and problem solving while you have a good laugh. A friendly reminder that in Human: Fall Flat, death doesn’t matter, and it isn’t permanent.

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