Howard The Duck Celebrating 50 Years With New Comic

Howard the Duck is celebrating 50 quacktastic years.

Howard the Duck holding a glass.

Marvel Comics is celebrating the 50th anniversary of Howard the Duck this year. He is one of the most unique and beloved characters in the comics world. The celebration starts with HOWARD THE DUCK #1. It is a special one-shot issue that promises to take readers on a thrilling journey through the Howardverse. Renowned writer Chip Zdarsky and artist Joe Quinones, who created the critically acclaimed 2015 ongoing series, are back to lead Howard through new adventures. Other talented writers and artists will also join to put their own spin on this fan-favorite icon.

This commemorative collection features all-new tales.

Each story explores different paths Howard could have taken during his offbeat escapades. From cosmic adventures to political satire, readers are in for an exciting treat. Fascinating questions will be posed for the future of this furious fowl. One story sees Howard, a hard-boiled P.I., given an extraordinary opportunity by a cosmic, all-seeing friend, the Peeper(!). Howard gets to glimpse what his life could have been, exploring the joys he might have experienced and ways his life could suck less than it does now. Prepare for a “Whaugh If?” exploration of possibilities!

In another thrilling tale, Howard the Duck becomes the President in a political satire inspired by a classic story from Steve Gerber and Gene Colan’s 70s’ run. When aliens invade Earth, this startling political satire reveals just how gutsy Howard can be as Commander in Chief. Also, in a cosmic comedy, Howard the Duck leaves Earth’s chaos behind to take leadership of the Guardians of the Galaxy, but playing Star-Lord isn’t all fun and games, as some of his most iconic classic villains unite to take him out once and for all! Fans can expect a delightful array of surprises as Howard’s unique character is explored and reimagined by a diverse and talented group of creators.

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Get ready to join in the revelry as the comics world raises a toast to Howard the Duck’s 50th anniversary. Issues #1″ hits shelves on November 29th, 2023. It will be a milestone that reminds us all that comics can be quirky, imaginative, and simply a whole lot of fun. Read more Comic News on Nerdtropolis. Subscribe to our YouTube.

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