Haunted Mansion – Movie Trailer

Haunted Mansion is coming to theaters this Summer.

A brand new Haunted Mansion movie is coming to theaters. Justin Simien directs the new adaptation. The film features an all-star cast including LaKeith Stanfield, Tiffany Haddish, Owen Wilson, Danny DeVito, Rosario Dawson, Chase W. Dillon, and Dan Levy, with Jamie Lee Curtis and Jared Leto. The classic Disney theme park attraction inspires it. It will be in theaters on July 28th, 2023.


A woman and her son enlist a motley crew of so-called spiritual experts to help rid their home of supernatural squatters.

The last Haunted Mansion film was in 2003. It starred Eddie Murphy and offered a comedic twist. Murphy played Jim Evers. He is a workaholic real estate agent entangled in a supernatural adventure when he and his family visit a mysterious mansion. The film combines humor, spooky elements, and family-friendly entertainment to create an enjoyable and lighthearted experience. As Jim and his family navigate the mansion’s ghostly inhabitants, including the eccentric Master Gracey and the mischievous Madame Leota, they encounter a series of amusing and sometimes hair-raising encounters. Eddie Murphy’s signature comedic timing and charm shine throughout the film, bringing a playful energy to the haunted proceedings. While the movie may deviate from the atmospheric horror of the original attraction, it offers a fun and whimsical take on the Haunted Mansion universe, creating an entertaining adventure for viewers of all ages.

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