Ghost Recon Breakpoint – Video Game Review

Ghost Recon Breakpoint Is it Good?

No, not really. I recently picked up the Ghost Recon Breakpoint and Rainbow 6 Siege bundle for only $23.99 as part of Ubisoft’s big sale. Anyone who follows my reviews has probably started to notice a trend. Co op/multiplayer. I’m a social gamer, and most of what I’ve played ever since I was a kid is co-op or at very least multiplayer. So even when a game is an entire pile of steaming puke, if it’s a co op sandbox game with vehicles, I’m gunna find a way to like it.

What does Ghost Recon Breakpoint do well?

Easy to join coop straight out of the gates and into the loving embrace of your bromance- Ghost Recon Breakpoint lets you get straight into the grease with your allies. Vehicles are common enough that you won’t be stuck limping through the massive open world map for too long. And when I say massive the map is truly all caps MASSIVE. It’s also mostly very pretty. The customization is on point -still no height or weight options, but everything is pretty good!

The enemy AI is decent enough, the stealth detection system is fun, and RPG leveling elements give you a reason to continue playing Breakpoint until the end.

What does Ghost Recon Breakpoint do poorly?

A lot. The story is trash and the cutscenes are long, slow, drawn out conversations that would have WWE fans chanting “WHAT!?” at the tv. Holy crap- how is an action game such a snooze fest. If every character is the biggest Badass on earth no one is the biggest badass anymore. Add some color and comedy to your characters! Most missions feel bland, this is the company that made splinter cell, assassins creed, and rainbow 6 siege, but I can’t sneak like Sam fisher, I can’t climb like Ezio, and I can’t blow open doors or walls or rappel up buildings like in Rainbow 6. Instead I’m given only the ability to to peek around cover (not nearly as smooth as it is in the Division) or drive what might be the worst vehicle physics I’ve ever played. How was this released with vehicles in the shape they’re in? Have you guys even driven a single real car? Holy crap. The driving is ABYSMAL. So in a nutshell this bad boring story has you driving bad boring vehicles over a map that’s far too large and littered with repetitive non stimulating side missions.

Ghost Recon Breakpoint Video Game Review

I will beat Breakpoint because I bought Breakpoint and now it’s only a matter of pride. You should not beat Breakpoint because you don’t own breakpoint- because you’re smarter than me. Breakpoint is not Mental Health friendly or child appropriate.

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