George Jetson From Hanna-Barbera’s “The Jetsons” Born In 2022

George Jetson, presumably born today according to Twitter Meme was born today!

George Jetson

George Jetson, the father of The Jetsons, a cartoon series from Hanna-Barbera, was supposedly born today, July 31st, 2022. He works three hours a day and three days a week for his short, tyrannical boss named Cosmo G. Spacely, owner of the company Spacely Space Sprockets. The 1962 cartoon featured a 40 year George, which said the family was living precisely 100 in the future. That would make 2022 the year George was born.

Series synopsis

Meet George Jetson and his quirky family: wife Jane, son Elroy, and daughter Judy. Living in the automated, push-button world of the future hasn’t made life any easier for the harried husband and father, who gets into one comical misadventure after another!

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  1. I told my daughter that she had to have the baby yesterday. But no. Her water waited until 3am to break. LOL

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