Fantastic Four Gets The Alex Ross Treatment

Fantastic Four #1 arriving on November 9th.

Fantastic Four Alex Ross

The Fantastic Four are about to enter an all-new era! The upcoming run by writer Ryan North and artist Iban Coello will be ripe with mystery and overflowing with suspense. It will find Marvel’s first family separated after a devastating incident back in New York. The first three issues will deliver exciting standalone adventures starring Ben Grimm and Alicia, Reed and Sue, and Johnny. Legendary artist Alex Ross will mark this major milestone with a series of variant black and white covers for the opening four issues! Check them out below!


Something terrible has happened to the Fantastic Four, and the Thing and Alicia are traveling across America to leave it behind! But when they stop in a small town for the night and wake up the morning before they arrive, they find themselves caught in a time loop that’s been going on since before they were born. That’s been going on since before they were born. That’s been going on since before they were born.

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