|Event Review| Halo Outpost Discovery

I was invited to experience first-hand the newest traveling fan experience surrounding the Halo lore.

HALO: OUTPOST DISCOVERY is a weekend long event that lets you step into Halo’s beloved science fiction universe like never before. You get to experience first ever competitive Halo VR, Laser Tag in the Combat Deck Arena, discover the Hall of History, explore the Halo Ring and much more!

I will truthfully say that I am not a Halo player, but I respect the game and the culture. I attended this event because my friend did not want to go solo, so I decided to go with him to keep him company and see what all the excitement was about.

Before doors were officially open, a crowd of enthusiastic fans were singing the iconic Halo theme song as the hype was building up to get inside the Outpost Discovery. I could see in everyone’s eye how much Halo meant to them and I could relate with how I feel with some of my passions. As you first go inside you are greeted by Master Chief in the Hall of History that features realistic weapons, vehicles and other props from the Halo Universe. Even the staff and volunteers were dressed appropriately for their role in this immersive event.

The first thing that was suggested to do because of its popularity and long wait time was the Halo VR, where teams of three simulate what it takes to be a Spartan, in an immersive, Halo themed combat training environment. During the game you have a pretty large field to move around and play in while digital walls change throughout the gameplay. It was awkward at first to move so freely in a VR game but a few minutes in you get the hang of it and it is actually really fun and competitive.

The Covenant Escape Room was next on our list where you explore a reclaimed section of a Covenant ship where you aim to familiarize yourself on various high-risk boarding maneuvers and strategies commonly undertaken by the UNSC. As the challenges intensify, you must work together to disable the Covenant technology as quickly as possible in order to set yourself free. This escape room style experience was built in a metal storage container that was fully transformed in an impressive way, but It can get quite cramp inside with your full team joining you.

The Pelican Training simulation was probably the most difficult and frankly quite confusing to complete successfully. It is an interactive experience that gives you an opportunity to get hands-on with some of the UNSC’s most battle-hardened hardware through teamwork and deft decision-making. If the people you are with aren’t helpful, then you are just out of luck. With 8 people on-board you each have a command station to operate buttons and switches to engage and disengage as you are given directions over the speaker or by your teammates that are given a directive on their screen to share with everyone else. I was super frustrated and disappointed after our team failed this mission.

Two of the exhibits we could not make time for because we were wanting to meet the voices behind Master Chief and Cortana and the wait times were really long was the Combat Deck Laser Tag and Ring Experience. at Combat Deck attendees and their squad-mates must use their cunning and coordination to win this fast-paced, team-based, pulse-pounding activity. Two teams of up to twenty go head-to-head for a chance to claim victory in the ultimate “Big Team Battle” experience.

The Ring Experience lets attendees explore the story of the mysterious Halo Array through artifacts that leap off the levels and pages of some of your favorite Halo titles. At the center of the Ring Experience is a visually immersive, multi-projector, dome-based theatrical experience, featuring a never-before-seen exploration of a Halo ring, giving fans a brand-new appreciation for the sheer scale and magnitude of these ancient installations.

The one item on our list that was a must do, was to meet the voices behind Master Chief (Steve Downes) and Cortana (Jen Taylor) as seen in the photo above. They were super awesome and energetic with all the fans and were extremely personable as they asked the fans questions of their own during the intimate meet and greet. It was definitely worth the 2 hours wait to meet these two iconic voices!

If this event is coming to a city near you and are a Halo Fanatic, then the Halo Outpost Discovery is for you! I highly recommend snagging up the VIP ticket that includes entry one hour early and some really cool swag that included a limited-edition golden Master Chief Funko Pop!

-SeanTaj, Mayor of Nerdtropolis

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