Enter The Dragon Celebrates 50th Anniversary With 4K Release

Celebrate 50 years of Bruce Lee with Enter The Dragon.

Bruce Lee in Enter The Dragon.

“Enter the Dragon” is a martial arts movie by director Robert Clouse starring Bruce Lee. It was released in 1973 and remains a timeless classic that still enthralls audiences today. The film not only showcased Lee’s exceptional abilities but also broke down barriers by introducing Western audiences to martial arts in a stunning manner.


Recruited by an intelligence agency, martial arts student Lee participates in a brutal tournament at a remote island fortress to gather enough evidence to convict the international drug trafficker responsible for the murder of Lee’s sister. In the now-classic fight-to-the-death finish, two men enter a mirrored maze, but only one will exit…

The martial arts film combines action, drama, and philosophy. It explores themes of honor, vengeance, and the human spirit. Bruce Lee’s performance adds passion and realism to the movie. It revolutionized movie fight scenes with Bruce Lee’s impressive Jeet Kune Do techniques and captivating personality. The ultimate showdown with Han has become a legendary moment in cinema. “Enter the Dragon” broke stereotypes by featuring Bruce Lee as a powerful and multifaceted Asian protagonist, inspiring people worldwide and paving the way for future generations of Asian actors and martial artists.

“Enter the Dragon” remains an influential film in popular culture after almost 50 years. It has inspired other martial arts films and genres integrating martial arts elements. The movie’s themes of honor, justice, and personal excellence still appeal to audiences, contributing to its lasting popularity.

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