Dustoff Z – Xbox Video Game Review

Is Dustoff Z Good?

Surprisingly yes. At first glance it looked like I was getting into just another side scroller or a flappy bird ripoff but Dustoff Z offers much more. It offers a lot with customizable, upgradeable, and most of the time sick looking. zombie blasting, boss slaying Whirlybirds, complete with cup holders in the back seat for survivors.

What does Dustoff Z do right?

The Soundtrack. I promised myself I wouldn’t forget to mention the Music. Dustoff Z’s music SLAPS! The shredding rock music morphed into a silly carnivalesque ditty while I was heli-winching a skyscraper-sized, limp noodle, ragdoll of a dead boss back to base. The music makes for hilarious getaways as the recently deceased boss becomes tangled on buildings, vehicles, and terrain, while your helicopter does it’s finest to continue blasting waves of zombies and raiders. When the music isn’t silly it shreds.

You have two gunner seats, each of which can be outfitted with anything from machine guns, to assault rifles, even flame throwers, and more. Upgrading your Whirlybird and the Gunners attached is easy, as most levels payout a reasonable amount and I never found myself grinding for experience. I even found myself enjoying the subtle strategic nuances of which gunner to put in which seat to best complete a level.

What does it do poorly?

I had trouble with ammo, but that was mostly user error. Turns out holding Right Trigger isn’t the best strategy – I thirst for undead flesh. I think Dustoff Z should be geared towards the Microsoft Cloud Gaming. With so many great home console video games touting massive worlds, in-depth stories, groundbreaking mechanics, great graphics, and cooperative multiplayer, spending more than a few hours on Dustoff Z just isn’t very likely.

Dustoff Z Xbox Video Game Review

Should you buy it?

Yes – pickup Dustoff Z if you’re the type who finds yourself hungry to torch hordes of zombies, relay survivors back to evac points, and decimate boss zombies the size of city blocks. If you play Xbox Cloud Gaming, this is a great game to play while out and about or traveling. Dustoff Z is easy to turn on and off, and you can pick it up for $14.99. You guys remember $14.99, that’s how much it used to cost to buy a CD and without a doubt this video game is easily better than Eiffel 65’s Europop.

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