Dungeon of the Endless – Video Game Review

Is Dungeon of the Endless Good?

No! But I loved it. While I can’t recommend it to most people I know personally, there’s a chance you’re better than the people I know. I’m going to try to convince you to play Dungeon of the Endless.

What does Dungeon of the Endless do well?

With Eighteen total characters to choose from, many being unlockable through gameplay, thankfully not cash transactions, dungeon of the endless has a perfectly sized roster. The procedurally generated maps keep you in for new challenges every playthrough. As you push through the dungeon clearing pockets of nasty boys you’ll be challenged to defend your base, build turrets and resource nodes, AND power rooms as you go. You’ll be unable to keep all rooms powered and you’ll even begin to lose power as waves of bad nasty babies damage your base crystal.

Dungeon of the Endless doesn’t make you go at it alone either as it has easy to join co-op multiplayer online. This roguelike dungeon crawler is exactly like playing a great board game with friends sans the setting up or cleaning up and basically, no rules learnin’ involved. You’ll even get to pick up new characters during your adventure- just don’t die too quick or you might lose em!

What does it do poorly?

Well, it looks like crap and the stories are pretty insignificant. There’s no customization to speak of, no vehicles, and the combat isn’t very engaging. All of that because it’s a puzzle game at heart.

Dungeon of the Endless Video Game Review

Should you buy Dungeon of the Endless?

Yes! Dungeon of the Endless is currently free on Xbox Game Pass- there’s no reason not to give this a shot! Dungeon of the Endless is like a great Corona Virus Friendly Board Game. You don’t have to see anyone in person or clean anything up.

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