Nicolas Cage Stars In Dream Scenario – Movie Trailer

Nicolas Cage leans into more comedy in Dream Scenario.

Academy Award winner Nicolas Cage stars in the upcoming film. The A24 film promises to be a riotous cinematic experience. It has an ensemble cast led by the ever-talented Cage at the forefront. This razor-sharp comedy is directed by Kristoffer Borgli and produced by the visionary Ari Aster. The stellar cast includes Julianne Nicholson, Michael Cera, Tim Meadows, Dylan Gelula, and Dylan Baker. It will be in select theaters on November 10, followed by a wider release on November 22. Watch the trailer below!

In “Dream Scenario,” Nicolas Cage takes on the role of Paul Matthews, an ordinary family man whose life takes a surreal and chaotic turn when he becomes an unwitting celebrity in the dreams of millions of strangers. What starts as a bizarre and humorous situation quickly spirals into a nightmarish ordeal, forcing Paul to grapple with the consequences of his newfound fame. With Borgli’s sharp wit and Aster’s producing prowess, “Dream Scenario” promises to be a wickedly entertaining exploration of the absurdities of stardom and the unexpected twists life can throw our way. This film will keep audiences laughing and pondering the unpredictable nature of dreams and reality.

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