Drake Hollow – Xbox Video Game Review

Is Drake Hollow Good?

So far yes. I’ve given Drake Hollow a few hours and decided it doesn’t suck. It’s a base builder but not like Minecraft, Fortnite, Ark, Grounded- It’s more akin to Viva Pinata? The base is small, and it travels with you from level to level. Some free advice, when you’re going to complete a level, break down and bring all of your waypoints, they’re WAY too expensive to leave behind.

It does a lot of things right.

Drake Hollow has easy to join co-op and some dope ass wards that protect you and your allies while you go full Moses and part the seas of darkness as you run from island to island building your network of interconnected purple grinding ziplines from waypoint to waypoint trying not to get killed by the bad guys from kingdom hearts. Then you go back to your base and play Sonic Adventure Battle 2’s Chao Mode or maybe bad Pikmin. You can use your base bank or vault to feed gems straight to your Pikmin so you don’t need to gum up your inventory but you CAN’T use your bank to build or craft which is… dumb. Connecting water lines and power lines is simple and fun though a bit cluttered unless you take your time and plan accordingly.

It could do a few things better…

Besides regular bugs, like losing my first hour and a half of gameplay, the character creator is limited as hell, the combat is definitely sloppy, and chasing down your Pikmin to get their charms is a whole damn hassle. I always feel like I’m missing Olimar’s whistle to get some damn order in my camp. The actual combat system has no RPG progression, no sword and board, no dual wielding, it just certainly leaves a lot to be desired. The story might be a suicide? It might be a missing kid? This might be the afterlife? There are a few depressing themes but nothing that should negatively effect your mental health.

Drake Hollow is “free on game pass” if you have friends and you like co op, play it.

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