Dragon Ball Super History – Top 10 Greatest Fights

It’s the Battle of the Battles Top 10 Countdown

A top 10 countdown of the greatest fights in Dragon Ball Super history was brought to us by Funimation and Toei Animation last night on YouTube. It was hosted by Funimation’s Lauren Moore and Justin Rojas and joined by the voice of Whis himself Ian Sinclair. Here is a recap of the Top 10 greatest fights in Dragon Ball Super history!

#10 Goku vs. Kefla: Tournament of Power Saga

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To try and one-up Goku, Universe 6 Saiyans Kale and Caulifla use Potara Earrings to fuse into ‘Kefla’. However, the superpowered duo sees their opponent use his newfound Ultra Instinct ~Sign~ form (the predecessor to Complete Ultra Instinct) and are thrown out of bounds.

#9 Piccolo vs. Frost: Tournament of Destroyers Saga

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Early on in the Tournament between Universe 6 and 7, we see Universe 6’s version of Frieza go up against Earth’s warrior Piccolo. Piccolo uses his illusion powers to distract Frost while he charges up his signature Special Beam Cannon. Frost is subsequently disqualified for using his poisonous spike, leaving Piccolo the winner. However, Vegeta convinces Piccolo to forfeit so Vegeta can whoop Frost in the name of the Saiyans.

#8 Trunks vs. Goku Black: Future Trunks Saga

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Future Trunks Saga – Evil Supreme Kai-in-training has possessed Goku’s body and terrorizes Trunk’s already post-apocalyptic world. Trunks uses his mentor Future Gohan’s Masenko Cannon to escape.

#7 Gohan vs. Goku: Tournament of Power Saga

Courtesy of Funimation

To prepare for the upcoming Tournament of Power, we see father and son spar together. Gohan has long since traded in fighting for parenting duties, so it’s great to see him dust off his fighting boots and face off against his own dad. And they don’t go easy on one another. Gohan surprises with just how much he’s able to handle until he exhausts himself and passes out. Goku ends up winning but encourages his son to keep training.

#6 Goku vs. Jiren: Tournament of Power Saga

Courtesy of Funimation

This is our first glimpse of the new Ultra Instinct form. Piccolo remarks how much more powerful it is than Super Saiyan Blue. Not even Vegeta can believe what he’s seeing. This is a preamble to the main attraction of the Tournament of Power Saga, when a Completed UI Goku fights Universe 11’s Jiren.

#5 Super Saiyan Blue Vegito vs. Corrupted Fused Zamasu: Future Trunks Saga

Courtesy of Funimation

Vegeta reluctantly dons the Potara Earring to once again fuse with Goku against the evil Zamasu. The fusion between the evil Kai and Goku Black proves corrupted when his immortal form begins clashing with the mortal component. The fusion of Goku and Vegeta is a welcomed return. It is just as humorous and cocky as their sons’ fusion, Gotenks.

#4 Goku vs. Hit: Tournament of Destroyers

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Hit’s signature Time Skip ability, which allows him to move 1/10th of a second forward in time, takes Vegeta down quickly. Ever the resourceful fighter, Goku learns from Vegeta’s battle with Hit and predicts the assassin’s next attack. Goku uses Kaioken Super Saiyan Blue, thus far his most potent form, to try and end the battle fast. The Japanese theme music starts playing during the fight, which is a nice touch.

#3 Future Trunks vs. Future Zamasu: Future Trunks Saga

Courtesy of Funimation

Future Trunks sees his sword fill with the energy of everything left alive, not unlike Goku’s Spirit Bomb. He’s finally able to end Zamasu’s evil ‘Zero Mortals’ plan with what he describes as “the power of mortals fighting for each other.”

#2 Top vs. Vegeta: Tournament of Power Saga

Courtesy of Funimation

Top, the leader of Universe 11’s Pride Troopers and candidate to become God of Destruction, faces off against Super Saiyan Blue Evolved Vegeta. Vegeta may not fight for the ideal of justice like Top, but the Saiyan Prince admits he fights above all for his family, Trunks, Bulma, and the new baby Bulla. Top materializes in the bleachers after Vegeta’s energy is too much for him to handle.

#1 Goku vs. Jiren: Tournament of Power Saga

Courtesy of Funimation

The two most powerful mortals in all of Dragon Ball face-off. Goku has his energy restored via transfer from Vegeta. Still, even his return to Super Saiyan Blue isn’t enough to handle Universe 11’s top warrior, Jiren. Goku’s friends and family watch in agony as he’s pummeled by Jiren, leaving Universe 7’s destiny in question. On the edge of falling out of bounds, Goku promises not to let them down. His energy returns as he achieves Mastered or “Complete” Ultra Instinct, much to the surprise of all onlookers, including Jiren. In the end, Universe 7 wins the entire Tournament, and Android 17 uses the Super Dragon Balls to restore the eliminated universes back to life.

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