Dragon Ball Super – Chapter 94 Recap

The latest Dragon Ball Super chapter is titled “Get Your Head In The Game, Son Gohan!”

Dragon Ball Super – Chapter 94 Recap

The latest chapter of the Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero manga adaptation is gaining momentum as Gohan officially enters the fray. Chapter 94 is a closer retelling of the hit film from last summer, with humor playing a significant role. Pan effortlessly knocks out Soldier #15 when he tries to pick her up from school, and Piccolo threatens to beat Gohan mercilessly if he doesn’t focus on the task at hand. When presented with a staged photo of Pan in danger, Gohan powers up to Super Saiyan and follows the Red Ribbon soldier to their hideout. Despite landing a few blows, Gamma 1, an android, overpowers him.

Piccolo and Pan continue their ruse to get Gohan to reach his true potential, with the Namekian grabbing Pan by her collar and lifting her up. Gamma 2 protests this violent treatment of a child, not knowing that Soldier #94 is Piccolo in disguise. This sight enrages Gohan, and the chapter ends with him one step closer to reaching his Gohan Beast form. This chapter was a quick, fun read, but most Dragon Ball Super fans are aching for more original content. We have yet to see the other supporting characters, like 18 or Trunks and Goten, join the fight, so that should be something to look forward to. I give this chapter a 3 out of 5.

Rating: 3 out of 5.

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