Dragon Ball Super – Chapter 91 Recap

Dragon Ball Super’s latest chapter: “The Red Ribbon Army’s Revival.”

The Dragon Ball Super Manga’s official adaptation of last summers hit Super Hero movie starts with this month’s chapter! The focus shifts away from Goten and Trunks and onto Piccolo, Pan, and Gohan. This chapter covers the first few scenes from the movie. It focuses more on the police investigation of Dr. Hedo and the Red Ribbon Army. A notable difference is Krillin’s pursuit of Magenta’s vehicle following Dr. Hedo’s release from prison. Hedo’s superpowered cyborg wasp Hachimaru engages Krillin and knocks him off their trail. This is yet another humiliating defeat for the world’s strongest Earthling.

After a six-month time skip, Piccolo continues his training sessions with Pan. Gohan’s three-year-old daughter is upset she hasn’t developed the ability to fly or fire Ki blasts like her uncle Goten, but her Namekian mentor insists she will develop those skills in time. A frustrated Piccolo confronts his old trainee Gohan at his home. Having seemingly turned his focus away from training once again and onto his research, Gohan’s lapse in abilities disappoints Piccolo, who flies off to continue meditating in seclusion. Here he is confronted by one of Dr. Hedo’s newest creations: Gamma 2!

The Super Hero movie fans should be excited to see the film brought into the official manga canon. A few recycled jokes and gags from the movie, with new material and added angles, should keep the upcoming chapters interesting and fresh. Focusing on Goten and Trunks a little longer would have been nice, but they may pop up in the new material added to the movie’s story. We can look forward to plenty of Piccolo and Pan!


Rating: 4 out of 5.

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