Dragon Ball Super – Chapter 89 Recap

A rival appears in the latest chapter of Dragon Ball Super.

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 89 Recap

The Super Hero Saga continues in Chapter 89 of Dragon Ball Super as Dr. Hedo ups his game against Trunks and Goten. This time, the devious scientist sends a new android named Baytah after the young Saiyans. Hedo appears to be cycling through the Greek alphabet, and fans know eventually, he’ll land at Gamma 1 and 2.

When Baytah shows up posing as a new student at Blue Hal High School, Mai and Rulah immediately take a liking to him. Naturally, seeing Mai impressed with their new classmate makes Trunks extremely jealous. The two boys have a superpowered showdown on the basketball court, reminiscent of Gohan using his powers playing baseball when he was in high school. Then there are a few funny slapstick scenes of Baytah trying to terrorize Trunks in school and failing miserably.

This chapter is heavy on comedy and gags. Goten channels his father by effortlessly picking up a truck without realizing how shocking that is for onlookers. It may remind classic DBZ fans of the bumper animation used during the original Great Saiyaman Saga. Baytah sees Goten use his super strength, and Dr. Hedo concludes that he was the one who defeated his Alpha series androids.

Baytah reveals his actual name, Beta No. 1, suits up, and attacks Goten, who isn’t impressed by Baytah’s costume. Goten needs to be made aware of how obnoxious his superhero costume is. Trunks jumps in to defend his best friend, leading to a showdown in front of the entire school. Beta 1 pops into a “Battle Jacket,” a mechanized suit called Beta No. 2 that looks exactly like the ones used by the Red Ribbon Army in the original Dragon Ball. Goten, as Saiyaman X-2, easily destroys Beta No. 2, though Beta 1 himself can escape. With his eyes set on Mai and the two heroes, Dr. Hedo vows to create stronger androids to recover his stolen disk.


I give Chapter 89 4.5 out of 5 stars. This chapter has great laughs and much better action scenes than in the previous entry. Dragon Ball Super fans have much to look forward to next month. Read more Reviews on Nerdtropolis and Subscribe to our YouTube.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

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