Dragon Ball Super: Chapter 86 Recap

Dragon Ball Super – Chapter 86: All-Out Bout

Brace yourselves, Dragon Ball Super fans; we may finally be nearing the end of the Granolah the Survivor Saga! After many months of a seemingly endless back-and-forth and even a new transformation for Vegeta, it seems the fight with Gas has reached its conclusion. Chapter 86 begins with Goku on the wrong end of a beatdown from a zombified Gas. However, Goku insists on using his powered-down Ultra Instinct Sign form as he is more comfortable with it and can utilize his emotions. He’s about to receive another walloping from Gas’ giant energy fists when Granolah dramatically steps in.

The newly revitalized Cerealian knocks Goku out of the sky. He then asks him to act as a punching bag for Gas while he can charge up an energy blast. This is a role reversal from all the times that Goku had others stall the Big Bad while he charged up a Spirit Bomb. As Granolah’s attack finishes charging, Goku assumes Mastered Ultra Instinct. He once again uses his giant energy avatar technique to grab Gas. He then throw him into space, which debuted in the Moro Saga. This sequence should be exciting to see animated if the rumors about the anime returning after the upcoming movie are true.

Granolah fires his beam at Gas, nearly incinerating the villain and sending him hurtling back towards Planet Cereal.

For now, it would appear the battle is won. However, Granolah insists that he is no longer interested in seeking revenge. The audience can rejoice that this poorly received saga is finally ending. Perhaps the Z Squad can look forward to having Granolah as a new ally. The most disappointing part of this chapter is a flaw that has become kind of a staple for Dragon Ball, which is the side-lining of Vegeta. This is even more frustrating after the debut of Vegeta’s Ultra Ego form. Dragon Ball fans will be left to wonder if the Saiyan Prince will ever get a win.


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Rating: 3 out of 5.

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