Dragon Ball Super Chapter 85 Recap

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 85: “To Each His Own Answer”

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 85 begins with Ultra Ego Vegeta flexing his new form’s damage-absorbing capability and mockingly thanking Gas for the power boost. However, eventually, the brawl becomes too much for Vegeta, and he passes out. Just when Gas is about to deal the finishing blow against an unconscious Vegeta, Goku telekinetically whisks him away and joins the fight himself. But instead of using his newly mastered Ultra Instinct, Goku utilizes the barely appearance-altering Ultra Instinct -sign- technique.

Goku “powering down” to a lower state while still utilizing UI’s capabilities has been foreshadowed for a while now.

Plus, we’ve seen enough hair color-changing transformations recently. So it’s refreshing to see Goku lean away from that and apply his keen fighting intellect. The Saiyan manages to land a few crucial blows against an enraged, fully powered Gas, hitting him with an energy blast from his mouth at one point. That move is usually saved for the Great Ape form.

Gas’ psionically-conjured weapons have previously been so formidable against the Saiyans, but this time Goku manages to overpower him with his mace. Goku’s cockiness reminds Gas of his fight with the late Bardock over forty years ago.

The exploitative Elec reminds Gas that his true target is Frieza and demands he finish this fight quickly. The chapter ends with a zombified Gas powering back up. His near-death look reminds us that his family’s wish for Toronbo to make Gas the most powerful warrior in the universe came at the cost of a shortened lifespan. Gas could bite the dust before he ever gets to face off against Frieza! But we also know that Granolah’s days are numbered as he used the Cerealian Dragon Balls for the same wish.


However the curse may unfold, it appears the tables have finally turned in this fight! I give this chapter 4 out of 5 stars.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

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