Dragon Ball Super Chapter #83 Recap: Bardock Vs. Gas – Part 2

Dragon Ball Super Chapter #83 takes place in the past.

Dragon Ball Super Chapter #83 Recap:

In Dragon Ball Super Chapter #83, we see Goku’s father Bardock square off against the Heeter Family’s most sinister sibling, Gas. Super-fans know there is a severe power discrepancy between Gas and the late Saiyan. The latter could never even achieve Super Saiyan in life.

Series creator Toriyama addresses this by depicting how different a fighter Bardock was compared to Goku. Whereas Goku has endless empathy and is always looking for a worthy opponent, Bardock is more proud of his Saiyan heritage, blunt and tactical. His unexpected victory over Gas owes to the ‘Zenkai Boost’ Saiyans receive each time they fight a powerful opponent.

An unexpected twist occurs when Bardock refuses Monaito’s wish to teleport him off Planet Cereal. Instead, the Saiyan opts to wish that his two sons, Raditz and Goku, end up thriving.

This development is certainly open to interpretation, as Goku certainly ended up thriving.

He has saved the world countless times and bested the likes of Frieza and Majin Buu. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for Raditz, who lived a few more decades after the destruction of the Saiyan homeworld. He lived under the boot of Frieza, decimating various worlds with Vegeta and Nappa, two fellow Saiyans who couldn’t stand him. Perhaps Bardock’s wish just ensured his sons would survive the destruction of Planet Vegeta… if the wish made it to Toronbo at all. This part of the Bardock flashback can spark much debate among Dragon Ball fans.

Bardock defeats Gas, who returns to his child-like form and faints. His older brother Elec steps in, taunts an exhausted Bardock about what Frieza has planned for the Saiyans and their planet, then shoots him with a laser gun. After an entertaining fight and a few heroic moments from Bardock and Monaito, the elderly Namekian, this was a letdown.

The chapter ends, showing Bardock’s discarded scouter has been recording his entire fight with Gas and Elec. This recalls the previous chapter where Goku began watching the footage.


I give Dragon Ball Super Chapter #83 3.5 out of 5 stars. It has great action and a nice character moment for Bardock as a father. Unfortunately, the latest chapter has an anticlimactic ending.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

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