Dragon Ball Super Chapter #82 Recap: Bardock vs. Gas

The key to defeating gas lies in Goku’s past in Dragon Ball Super Chapter #82.

Goku and Gas’s fight takes many exciting turns in the latest issue. Our Saiyan hero continues to lure the overpowered Heeter sibling across many different worlds. This leads to many humorous run-ins with characters like the baffled Galactic Patrol members and an amusing cameo from gag-character Monaka. He even tricks Gas into falling into a bathtub with the Galactic Patrol King.

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The cat and mouse Instant Transmission chase continues as Goku brings Gas to the Galactic Patrol prison. Gas is recognized by previous “acquaintances” from Saganbo’s Gang. The prisoners embarrass Gas with an anecdote from his past where the young Heeter hilariously peed himself the first time he met the gang. Despite being the current strongest warrior in Universe 7, Gas endures some much-deserved humiliation throughout this chapter!

We also learn Gas’s motivations towards power. He aims to please his elder brother Elec and ensure the Heeter Family becomes the new reigning crime organization in the universe. Oil and Maki also suggest that they can attain higher transformations. Our first callback to Goku’s past is him asking Gas just how much he can trust his older brother since Goku’s brother Raditz tried to kill him and kidnap tiny Gohan in the very first saga of Dragon Ball Z.

Whis also appears as Goku tricks Gas into following him onto a faraway world, Whis was visiting.

Goku, more proficient in Instant Transmission, can teleport back to Planet Cereal to help Monaito, Vegeta, and the others find safety. Monaito presents a Saiyan Scouter, a device not seen in canon in ages. It belonged to Bardock, Goku’s late father. Although broken, Vegeta ascertains that there are audio recordings left on the device. Granolah’s “Talking Half-Goggle Thing” (as Goku so eloquently puts it) can retrieve the audio files and play them on his speakers. Monaito believes the key to beating Gas lies in the recordings of the battle between him and Goku’s father, Bardock.

Upon hearing Bardock’s voice, Goku has memories of Bardock and Gine, his deceased parents, for the first time in the Dragon Ball canon. The issue ends with a flashback of the battle between Bardock and a young Gas.


  • Great, entertaining, world-hopping action
  • A truly unexpected and beautiful moment in Goku accessing memories of his parents.


  • They are just really are not any this time. This issue is for the history books, with great, creative action sequences and tremendous story developments that will mark the Dragon Ball canon.


I give Dragon Ball Super Chapter 82 a 5 out of 5 stars. It is an exciting, action-packed, creative, and game-changing entry in the Dragon Ball canon. 5/5

Rating: 5 out of 5.

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