Dragon Ball Super Chapter #81 Recap

Goku Returns to the battlefield as the battle reignite.

In Dragon Ball Super Chapter #81, it just wouldn’t be Dragon Ball without Goku stepping in and taking center stage. The Heeter Family’s youngest brother, Gas, now in total control of his newfound power, is ready to rock. He effortlessly pins Goku and Vegeta down telekinetically. Even the former Mr. Universe, Granolah, does not stand a chance now.

Dragon Ball Super Chapter #81 Recap

This chapter is one of the more violent entries of this era of Dragon Ball. After breaking both of the Cerealian’s arms, Gas blinds Granolah with a 2-finger ki blast. This allows older brother and patriarch Elec to sneak up behind Granolah and shoot him in the back. If nothing else, this chapter answers the decades-old question, “Could you sneak up on a Dragon Ball Z character with a gun and shoot them?” The answer would appear to be a resounding yes.

Our tragic hero Granolah plummets into the water below as Goku and Vegeta stand helpless. Once again showing heroic selflessness, Vegeta throws Goku a “zenkai,” which is when a DBZ character passes their energy along to another via ki technique. After sitting on the sidelines for the last couple of chapters, Goku tags back into the fight against Gas.

Gas conjures spiked platforms and lobs them at Goku. Thanks to his Super Saiyan Blue speed, Goku can escape them. When you think our hero might have this handled, Gas starts lifting objects from the surroundings and launching them. Like a scene out of Spider-Man 2, Gas even throws a train at Goku! This should be an incredible fight to see animated!

While Gas and the other Heeters are distracted, Monaito attempts to heal a nearly dead Granolah. Gas takes notice and flies toward the ancient Namekian, but Goku successfully teleports him and Gas to an unknown planet. This takes Jaco the Galactic Patrolman, by surprise. The chapter ends with Goku baiting Gas to chase him via Instant Transmission across the stars.


  • Great, creative action sequences.


  • Goku puts random people in harm’s way by teleporting across the galaxy.

Dragon Ball Super Chapter #81 Verdict

I give Dragon Ball Super Chapter #81 a 3 out of 5! This is all getting so repetitive. Can no one besides Goku get a W?

Rating: 3 out of 5.

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