Dragon Ball Super Chapter #79 Recap – Gas Vs. Granolah

The new chapter of the Dragon Ball Super manga is upon us!

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 79 doesn’t move the plot forward much, though it could hardly be called a filler. This issue refines points brought up previously. It also treads familiar ground for any seasoned Dragon Ball vet. Gas, not entirely used to the capabilities of his newfound power, finds himself vulnerable to Granolah, who’s had far more time to hone his new skills.

Dragon Ball Super Chapter #79 Recap

We see more variations on Gas’s conjuring ability (which will no doubt be fun to watch when this battle finally sees the light of day as an anime). Then, the tables turn and turn again. This reminds one of the Cell Saga, where superpowered Trunks gained the upper hand over Perfect Cell, but only in brute strength. Cell won out thanks to his speed and more refined technique. Looking at it this way, it appears things are looking up for Granolah. However, it’s doubtful that it will last long.

We get a well-earned moment of catharsis when Granolah smacks Oil and Macki into a mountain for threatening Monaito. Seeing Granolah defend his adoptive father from two rich brats was entertaining and further cemented him as the hero.

Goku and Vegeta remain on the sidelines, content to act as spectators while their bodies heal. No doubt we’ll see them both tag in with their newest forms shortly. And then Gas and his siblings are in for a reckoning!


The action is excellent, and Gas’ new conjurings add more spectacle instead of just being about more punches and energy beams. Granolah has a heroic moment.


Doesn’t truly move the plot forward in a way we haven’t seen before. Elec refers to a vague “errand” he must attend to, and that’s really it. I want to see Frieza!


I give Dragon Ball Super Chapter #79 a 6.5 out of 10.

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