Dragon Ball Super Chapter #78 Recap – Gas’ Wish

Gas ignites the battlefield against our trio in Dragon Ball Super Chapter #78.

The conflict with the Heeter Crime Family kicks off in full with their devious intentions revealed. With immediate interests currently aligned with Goku and Vegeta, Granolah must stand with the Saiyans against this saga’s true main antagonists.

Thanks to the wish granted by Toronbo, Gas now claims the throne of Strongest in the Universe. Gas’s new frame resembles Super Buu or Imperfect Cell, only more intimidating, sporting a tall and muscular appearance.

He kind of looks like slain rapper XXXTentacion joined the cast of Dragon Ball.

The new main villain violently does quick work of Granolah. Next, we see Gas conjuring energy weapons, including a multi-pronged spear, a mace, and cubes restraining all four of Goku’s limbs.
Although Monaito the Namekian was unable to restore Goku’s energy, the Saiyan encourages Vegeta to consume his spare Senzu Bean himself in the name of fairness. However, Vegeta instead opts to give his Senzu Bean to Granolah, giving the Cerealian a chance to exact his revenge.

Macki gloats that as Gas’s wish came after Granolah’s, he had surpassed the Cerealian in strength. This calls to mind Vegeta’s statement that making a wish would make the recipient the strongest in the universe…at that specific moment. Afterward, a capable warrior could conceivably achieve strength that outmatches theirs.

This must apply to Gas’s situation as well. The question remains how our heroes are going to meet that challenge. Could we have a fusion of Goku and Vegeta’s respective new forms to look forward to? Call it Ultra Superego? Ultra Gogeta? And, as the one at the top of Granolah’s original $%#!-list, will Frieza make an appearance?


Strong character moments from Goku and Vegeta.
Goku calls Vegeta’s Ultra Ego “Freaky Face Mode.”
Great action.


Dialogue is a little corny at times.


I give Dragon Ball Super Chapter #78 an 8.5 out of 10.

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