Dragon Ball Super Chapter #77 Recap – Goku Learns Father’s Real Name

A glimpse into the past sets the course for the future in latest Dragon Ball Super!

This month’s Dragon Ball Super chapter may be light on action, but not on game-changing developments! First, Monaito shines a light on Granolah’s connection to the Saiyans. Then, in a flashback to 40 years prior, Bardock discovers Muezli and her child in hiding. We’re then treated to a flashback-within-a-flashback where Bardock lays eyes on his youngest son for the first time. He tells his wife he wants to name their baby ‘Kakarot.’ Of course, Dragon Ball fans know that that baby would eventually grow up to be Goku himself! Seeing a mother struggling to defend her child compels Bardock to take the two to Monaito whom he discovers in the mountains.


Unfortunately, the evil Heeter family soon discovers them. The criminals don’t fall for Bardock’s attempt to deceive them into believing he is preparing to slay the last survivors. Granolah’s mother, Muezli, loses her life. Monaito relays the true story of what happened to the Cerealians to Granolah and our two Saiyan heroes. He even remarks that Goku is the spitting image of Bardock. Vegeta confirms to Goku that Bardock was his father. He quips that his “soft-hearted nature must run in the family.”

For the very first time in over three decades of history, Goku finally learns his father’s real name!

Granolah is similarly shocked to learn that one of the Saiyans he’s been fighting is the son of the man who saved him. We learn that Gas, the most threatening member of the Heeters, lost his fight with Bardock through present-day dialogue. He vows to never suffer such indignity ever again. This sets up a showdown between him and our heroes. The chapter ends with Macki, the Heeters’ sister, on her way to find the last Cerealian Dragonball. This issue firmly establishes the Heeter crime family as the central villains of this saga. Now a Granolah/Saiyan team-up seems inevitable!


I give Dragon Ball Super Chapter #77 an 8.5/10.

Great backstory featuring Bardock.
Heeters take center stage as the villains.
Goku learns his father’s name!

Only needing two Dragonballs to summon Planet Cereal’s dragon still feels like lazy writing.

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