Dragon Ball Super Chapter #76 Recap “The Fate of the Saiyans”

The Forces of Fate is shaping the three warriors’ destinies from behind the scenes in Dragon Ball Super Chapter #76


The title of this month’s chapter of Dragon Ball Super, “The Fate of the Saiyans”, possesses a dual meaning as the battle between our heroes and Granolah the Angry Cerealian continues. First, we saw Vegeta achieve his new ‘Ultra Ego’ form, only to be quickly overcome by his opponent. It wouldn’t be Dragon Ball if a character didn’t reveal an exciting new transformation, only to fall swiftly because “they haven’t had enough time to train with it yet.”

A newly refreshed Goku tries to step in and help his weakened ally but is shockingly struck away. Vegeta demands to fight alone. The Saiyan Prince admits he only ever begrudgingly teamed up with Goku when they each had something to protect (namely, Earth and their families). Goku complies with Vegeta’s wish to fight alone but pleads with him not to die. Vegeta solemnly remains silent.

Granolah assesses Goku’s Ultra Instinct technique as purely defensive.

The Saiyan can’t completely dodge an enemy’s attack. Still, he can shift his position to minimize the attack’s damage. This works well against Granolah since his method of
finding an opponent’s vitals and striking them takes time. The moment between detection and attacking is where Goku’s Ultra Instinct thrives.

Vegeta’s newfound destructive Ultra Ego form and Goku’s defensive UI technique seem complementary to each other. Vegeta’s UE works by absorbing enemy attacks and dishing out devastating blows of his own. According to him, the power is unbounded!

The harmony between these two techniques could be foreshadowing yet another show-stopping fusion between the two heroes. We last saw the two fuse into Gogeta in the Dragon Ball Super movie Broly. A fusion of these two new powers could prove to be Granolah the Cerealian’s undoing!

This chapter title’s additional meaning is revealed in a flashback with a young Granolah and his mother. The two find safety as Saiyan apes ravage their home. The current-day fight comes to a standstill with the arrival of Namekian Monaito, Granolah’s mentor.

In the present, the Namekian drops a bombshell that sends the three warriors reeling. He, Granolah, and his mother were saved all those years ago by a Saiyan…named Bardock! Of course, Dragon Ball fans will remember Bardock was the father of Goku himself!

With this game-changing reveal and the foreshadowing between Goku’s and Vegeta’s new forms, this arc is truly starting to ignite!


– Great action and plot development.

– We finally see more of the Cerealians connections to the Saiyans, past, and future.

– Themes about teamwork and an emotional moment between Goku and Vegeta.


THERE are a few Dragon Ball tropes here and there, such as Vegeta’s refusal to work as a team, but nothing too infuriating.

Dragon Ball Super Chapter #76 Rating


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