Dragon Ball Super – Chapter #75 Recap

Vegeta has quite the ego in Dragon Ball Super Chapter #75

The previous chapter of Dragon Ball Super had an exciting twist that established that Granolah’s wish only made him the strongest warrior in the universe in that exact instant. After that, anyone could theoretically surpass him. But the momentum generated by this reveal and Vegeta’s exciting new “Ultra Ego” form quickly dies down as this issue devolves into predictability. This is yet another instance of Vegeta getting too cocky and getting defeated. Then we have to wait for Goku to heal up and jump back in.

We see Granolah’s AI eyepatch friend (AI-patch?) guide him to conclude that Vegeta and Goku are not allied with Frieza. They were indeed victims of the galactic tyrant as well. Nevertheless, Granolah still vows to hold the two accountable for the violence their kinsmen committed against his people. With his eyepatch off, Granolah shows that he, too, is capable of his own little transformation, as both his pupils turn red with rage.

We should look forward to seeing Vegeta’s new form in full color.

It goes without question that it will be purple to mimic Beerus’ palette. With Ultra Instinct Goku’s bleach white hair, the two Saiyans’ new forms would appear to mimic the colors of their respective mentors. This may even foreshadow the ultimate fates of our beloved characters: Goku as an angelic mentor to Vegeta the Destroyer God.


Vegeta gives his new form a name.

The plot moves forward somewhat.


Predictable fight.

Weak dialogue.

The writing just feels hacky in general.


I give chapter #75 of Dragon Ball Super a 5.5 out of 10. It ends on a cliffhanger with the Heeter’s ready to use Bulma’s Dragon Radar to find the Cerealian Dragon Balls. All two of them.

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