Dragon Ball Super: Chapter #74: Vegeta Vs. Granolah

Behold! Vegeta the Destroyer in Dragon Ball Super: Chapter #74

Dragon Ball Super #74

Vegeta has been training on the God of Destruction’s planet since early on in Dragon Ball Super’s run. He and his rival Goku recently split off to train under Beerus and Whis, respectively. Under his training, the Saiyan Prince has inherited Beerus’ ‘Hakai’ technique, which causes total and complete destruction of an object. The Destroyer has also revealed that Goku’s new Ultra Instinct form is not the only transformation technique in a Destroyer’s arsenal. Veteran Dragon Ball fans could tell this was a tantalizing bit of foreshadowing.

This action-packed chapter accomplishes both moving the plot forward and depicting a rousing battle that the series is known for. And when things are looking dark for our hero, he powers up and reveals a shocking new form!

I thought Vegeta’s new power-up aura looked badass as a pillar of flames engulfing the battlefield. The color of which is anyone’s guess since the manga is black and white. However, if you base it on Beerus’ motif, I think Vegeta’s flame aura will be purple, while his hair will be black with purple highlights. This is similar to how Goku’s Ultra Instinct Sign form gave silver highlights to the Saiyan’s natural dark black hair. Once he mastered UI, he achieved that platinum Silver Fox look.

Also, notice how Vegeta’s hair grows in length in the back. His eyebrows also disappear in a call back to Super Saiyan 3, a form he never actually achieved. So at least in this issue, we can give Vegeta a solid win. Vegeta also discovered a fatal flaw in Granolah’s wish to be the most powerful warrior in the universe. That flaw was as soon as the Cerealian dragon fulfilled his wish, the clock started ticking! Any warrior could then step up grow stronger than Granolah was in that exact moment! Who better to answer that call than the Prince of Saiyans himself?


  • Great Action.
  • A new form is always welcome!
  • Vegeta reveals the fatal twist to Granolah’s wish.


  • We have to wait for this chapter to be animated, or until official art is released, to know what color the new form is!
  • The ‘comical misunderstanding’ thing just makes Granolah look dense.


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