Dragon Ball Super: Chapter #73 Recap

Granolah proves the Shrewd Tactician in his face-off against Goku.

Story developments take a back seat as the fight between Goku and Granolah continues. Toriyama deliberately doesn’t shift the focus elsewhere in this issue to devote more panels to the battle. This keeps the pace flowing. Save for a brief confirmation that the Heeters now know Vegeta is on to them. All the action is between Granolah and the Saiyans.

The match sees Goku cycle through different Super Saiyan forms. He applies Ultra Instinct with Full-Power UI, which is more potent than Granolah can handle. That is until he reveals Goku has been fighting a projection and fells him with one blow.

“Seems as though Kakarot went and stole the entire show again….”

This would be the third saga since Mastered Ultra Instinct premiered. Granolah should not be a problem. Clever use of his illusion technique makes him a more credible threat, but only slightly. Unless they can think of another rationale beyond “Goku doesn’t know UI well enough yet” and “Granolah wished himself powerful,” this arc seems DOA.

In the end, all this issue achieves is revealing one of Granolah’s techniques and passing the baton on to Vegeta. We get a glimpse of the old, evil Vegeta, as the Saiyan Prince vows to kill the last Cerealian.


  • Steady pacing
  • Shows Granolah’s tactical cunning


  • Predictable
  • Recycled techniques
  • The dialogue and plot

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