Dragon Ball Super: Chapter #72 Recap

The fight between our Saiyans and Granolah has begun!

The machinations of the Heeter crime family start paying off as our heroes arrive on Planet Cereal. Goku and Vegeta touch down, ready to fight someone they think to be a “big villain on a rampage,” as Vegeta comments on details that don’t align with the Heeters’ story. Before they can investigate further, an unseen Granolah unleashes a barrage of chi blasts the two veteran fighters have trouble dodging.

Dragon Ball Super 72

Thanks to a boost in power from Eternal Dragon Toronbo, Granolah can use a destructive technique similar to the ‘Hakai’ Vegeta recently learned from Beerus. He’s also so fast he can teleport quicker than Goku’s own trusty Instant Transmission! It wouldn’t be Dragon Ball if the good guys didn’t randomly just choose to take turns fighting a new, mighty foe. Even after seeing what a threat, Granolah has proven to be, Vegeta lamely proclaims he’s just “not in the mood for teamwork.”

As the battle begins, we really see the difference between Goku’s and Vegeta’s approach to fighting. Vegeta operates more with his head and Goku with his heart or instinct. In uncertain terms, the Saiyan Prince tells Goku that he relies too much on Ultra Instinct, a technique he hasn’t perfected yet. According to Vegeta, his rival/bestie would be better off using his mind. We learn a little bit more about UI when Vegeta observes the increase in accuracy when paired with a Super Saiyan form.

If Granolah possesses the ability to transform, we haven’t seen it yet.

This time he just develops an aura when he boosts his chi. By the nature of this being a black and white comic, we can’t tell what color it will be. Interestingly, Granolah tells Goku he uses the contraption over his eye to read vitals on his opponent and learn their weaknesses. Vegeta remarks on Granolah’s eye, saying it reminds him of a species from the past with “highly evolved right eyes.”

We know the Cerealian’s have a history with the Saiyans and Frieza, but could this indicate Granolah’s people had a role in the development of the Power Scouters? If so, that would be a pretty impressive retcon. The Scouters are iconic to Dragon Ball, going back to the very first episode of DBZ when Goku’s Saiyan brother Raditz touched down on Earth!
The chapter ends on a cliffhanger with Vegeta standing in the footprint of a Great Ape Saiyan and claiming to finally know who Granolah is!

Pros of Dragon Ball Super: Chapter #72

  • Plot moves forward quite a bit, with some fascinating new mysteries!
  • Vegeta’s observations.
  • We learn more about Ultra Instinct.

Cons of Dragon Ball Super: Chapter #72

  • Yet again, the heroes randomly decide not to team up.

Dragon Ball Super: Chapter #72 Rating


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