Dragon Ball Super: Chapter #71 Recap

The Approaching Face-Off Between Granolah and the Saiyans ‘Heets’ Up

There has been a debate among Dragon Ball Super fans about whether Ultra Instinct is a technique or a transformation. Dragon Ball Super: Chapter #71 reveals the truth to be that the lines are blurred between the two.

As Goku continues his training with Whis, his angelic mentor instructs him to try and achieve the bodily autonomy of UI, without the shiny silver-haired transformation that comes along with it, as it drains Goku of his stamina. This harkens back to Goku’s own method of remaining in Super Saiyan form in the days leading up to the Cell Games to fully activate the strength of Super Saiyan without losing energy in the transformation process. Whis demonstrates his own mastery of this process to an impressed Goku. The fact that other beings can use UI seems to place it more into the ‘technique’ category than ‘transformation.’

Dragon Ball Super

Goku’s rival/bestie Vegeta continues his quest to master the Hakai technique under Beerus, with a nifty new earring awarded by the Destroyer for his progress. Across the galaxy, the Heeter crime family’s devious scheme to pit Granolah against Freeza and usurp the throne as the universe’s top criminal organization continues.

After appealing to Zuno for information on the Saiyans’ weaknesses, the siblings make their way to Earth to steal the dragon radar and manipulate Chi-Chi and Bulma into pitting their husbands on a collision course with super-powered Granolah!

Pros of Dragon Ball Super: Chapter #71

  • Macki’s allusion to the MeToo era when Zuno requests a kiss is amusing.
  • Goku and Vegeta trekking divergent paths in their training align with their characterization.

Cons of Dragon Ball Super: Chapter #71

  • The only action in this issue is in Goku and Vegeta’s training scenes.
  • The fact that Planet Cereal’s dragon can be summoned with just 2 Dragon Balls with no dormant period seems like lazy writing. (Though Granolah’s wish came with a condition, so it stands to reason others might, too.)

Dragon Ball Super: Chapter #71 Rating


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  1. This is such an excellent and thorough analysis of Dragon Ball Super. I like how Mr. Moore specifies the real world connections that are alluded to in DBS. I would love to hear more from this author.

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