Dragon Ball Super – Chapter #70 Recap

The Granolah the Survivor arc continues in latest Dragon Ball Super episode!

Recapping episode #70 of Dragon Ball Super. In his quest to exact revenge against Frieza for the destruction of his homeworld, Granolah the Survivor makes a dark deal with the Cerealian Eternal Dragon. Toronbo is willing to grant him his wish, but it comes with a grave cost: Granolah will only have at most 3 years left to live.Stunned at Granolah’s wrecklessness, Monaito the Namekian warns his young friend that nothing good can come of obtaining such power.

Dragon Ball Super #70

Across the universe, Vegeta and Goku continue their training with Beerus and Whis, while the Oracle Fish makes a chilling prediction that the strongest warrior in the universe will soon rise up. Vegeta naturally assumes this is him.

Granolah arrives at the Heeters’ base and demands they tell him of Frieza’s whereabouts. He also demonstrates his newfound abilities on the sinister siblings. Impressed with his new skills, as well as the method used to obtain them, the Heeters’ leader Elec agrees to inform Granolah of Frieza’s whereabouts. With Elec opting to use the might of the Saiyans to take the bounty hunter out at the right time, the stage is set for a confrontation between Goku, Vegeta, and Granolah!

Chapter #70 is a solid entry in the ongoing Granolah the Survivor Saga.

Having a wish come with a condition is an interesting twist on the usual mechanic that we haven’t seen before in DragonBall, although the fact that Toronbo only requires 2 balls to be summoned feels like a cop-out. Character names in DB have always relied on various puns, but the names of the Heeters like Oil and Gas just feel a tad lazy.

Granolah’s fight with the Heeters is entertaining, but we don’t really have a way of gauging how Gas or Macki match up against the Z Warriors. Yet. In the end, this is an engaging chapter that moves the plot forward in exciting ways.

Chapter #70 Rating: 7.5/10

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