Dice Throne – 2 Player Board Game Review

Dice Throne is a fast-playing strategy game

The Mad King sits on his throne, watching the challengers fight to prove their worth. One day a champion may arise that can challenge the king for the Dice Throne. Dice throne by Roxley Games is a player versus player game for two to six players. Each player chooses a champion and battles to the last player or team standing. Each champion has a completely different set of abilities, playstyles, and complexity. If you have been looking for a direct PvP boardgame, this review is for you.

Dice Throne

The game begins at the champion selection.

You can take turns or do this draft style. It’s up to you. Once everyone picks a champion, you can get started setting up. Each champion has a Hero Board, Hero Leaflet, unique Tokens, custom Health and Combat Point trackers, unique Deck of Cards, and unique Dice. The components for this game are top-notch. I cannot stress the quality of these components enough, and if you buy the deluxe version, the storage is amazing. Take this time to get acquainted with how your champion plays. Some do considerable damage and ignore incoming damage. Others rely on buffs and de-buffs, minions, or superior action economy.

Dice Throne Setup

Start your turn in the Upkeep Phase.

This is typically when ongoing damage and passive abilities trigger. Then it’s the Income phase. Draw a card and gain a CP (combat point). CP is spent playing cards and use certain abilities. Some characters interact with CP more than others. After all that is sorted, it is time for the Main Phase. Spend CP on cards and roll your five dice. Try to match the dice to your character’s powers. Re-roll up to five dice up to two times. It is a familiar game mechanic these days and it is implemented beautifully. Some cards can let you pick what dice face you get and others can mess up your opponent’s sets. Get all sixes to activate your character’s Ultimate Ability. Reduce your opponent’s HP to zero to win, and you might just garner the Mad Kings favor in the process.

Dice Throne is a great PvP experience best for two players.

With exciting and unique “push your luck” gameplay and a high level of player interaction, Dice Throne earns its place on any game shelf. Multiple seasons of characters are available, with no sign of slowing down, this game promises to stay fresh and relevant for years to come. All seasons of characters can be played together and Roxley Games has recently released Dice Throne Adventures, which allows you to use champions in a brand new PvE game! I absolutely recommend Dice throne to anyone. From casual to hardcore, this game has something for everyone.

Dice Throne Rerolled

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