Detective Pikachu Returns Coming To Nintendo Switch

Detective Pikachu Returns will unravel new mysteries for Pokémon fans.

Detective Pikachu wearing a hat around other Pokemon and two humans.

Detective Pikachu is back and ready to take players on an exciting new adventure filled with mysteries to solve. This time, gamers discover the origin of the great detective Pikachu and work with him to uncover puzzling incidents throughout Ryme City. Alongside other helpful Pokémon, players team up with Tim Goodman and his clever Pikachu partner to crack the case in this eagerly anticipated cinematic adventure game.

Players will take on the role of Tim Goodman in Detective Pikachu Returns. They partner with a witty and coffee-loving Pikachu to solve various intriguing cases. From missing Pokémon to strange occurrences, each mystery serves as a stepping stone to uncovering the truth behind the enigmatic incidents plaguing Ryme City. Along the way, players will uncover secrets that shed light on the origins of Detective Pikachu and his abilities.

The gameplay mechanics will have players use their observation skills, collect evidence, and interview witnesses to piece together clues. Detective Pikachu’s voice adds a layer of charm and personality to the experience, making every interaction with him memorable. With captivating visuals, the new game brings the vibrant world of Ryme City to life on the Nintendo Switch. Fans can mark their calendars for October 6th when it launches on Nintendo Switch. Pre-orders are now available in the Nintendo eShop and the My Nintendo Store on Nintendo.com. Read more Video Game news on Nerdtropolis. Subscribe to our YouTube.

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