Deep Rock Galactic – Video Game Review

Is Deep Rock Galactic Good?

Yes, Deep Rock Galactic is good. Great even. Maybe one of the top 5 co-op experiences I’ve ever had to joy of playing. From the awesome thrilling original synthwave and techno tracks that start blasting as swarms of giant bugs pour through the walls akin to starship troopers, to firing up your miniguns, flamethrowers, or grappling hooks this game never fails to disappoint.


Deep Rock Galactic is class-based, but classes pick can be duplicated or not (Game Host’s preference) just by switching a toggle on the Options screen. This can even be changed on the fly and back during an ongoing match, very good stuff here guys. Each class has two primaries and two secondaries to choose from along with three grenade options and some support items. Between missions buy a round of drinks for your team, you get drunk and it gives you all buffs for your next dive, plus you can dance a little shindig with your dwarven brethren on the nearby dancefloor. Finally, the Matchmaking is GREAT, it’s always easy to find multiple people doing whatever missions you need done.

No video game is without fault.

Deep Rock Galactic is a bit repetitive but I’d make an argument that every video game is a bit repetitive… I have also had some issues with big blotchy pixels destroying my entire screen making the round unplayable forcing me to close the game for everyone in my lobby. Sometimes in Deep Rock, you just get absolutely shit on. ROCK AND ROLL AND STONE! Sometimes you’ll walk out of your “Dwarven face with beard shaped drill drop pod” (which by the way, awesome) and straight into hell. There will be too many monsters, too strong of monsters, there will be a secret cave leech or a surprise detonator- don’t lose hope. Just laugh and try again. The caves are procedurally generated so it’s a different adventure every time!

Deep Rock Galactic isn’t even full price!

What are you waiting for? Go and get it. Go get Deep Rock Galactic. I only hope Ghost Ship (Developer) makes some kind of full fantasy prequel or sequel with a similar playstyle that introduces playable Humans, Halflings, and Leaf Lovers! ROCK AND STONE FOREVER!

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