Coming To America Celebrates 35th Anniversary

Celebrate 35 years of laughter with Eddie Murphy and Arsenio Hall’s iconic comedy “Coming to America.”

The comedy classic “Coming to America” hit theaters 35 years ago today. This film, starring Eddie Murphy and Arsenio Hall, has brought joy and laughter to audiences worldwide for decades. Released in 1988 and directed by John Landis, “Coming to America” tells the story of Prince Akeem Joffer (Murphy). He is the heir to the throne of the fictional African nation of Zamunda. Feeling trapped by the traditions of his royal upbringing and desiring to find true love, Akeem embarks on a journey to Queens, New York, with his loyal friend and personal assistant, Semmi (Hall).

This film was groundbreaking in portraying African characters in a positive light and African American culture and identity. It showcased a primarily Black cast and presented a nuanced and layered depiction of the African immigrant experience, challenging stereotypes and providing representation lacking in mainstream Hollywood. Murphy’s remarkable talent shines through his portrayal of multiple characters, including the unforgettable barber shop scenes where he brilliantly transforms into various eccentric personalities. Arsenio Hall’s comedic prowess is equally matched. He plays various unforgettable supporting characters.

“Coming to America” balances hilarious comedy with heartfelt storytelling.

It explores self-discovery, personal growth, and the importance of following one’s heart. Its success is thanks to its fantastic comedic performances and supporting cast. The film features memorable performances from James Earl Jones and Shari Headley. The rest of the cast includes John Amos, Madge Sinclair, Eriq La Salle, Allison Dean, and Louie Anderson.

The highly anticipated sequel to the iconic comedy, “Coming 2 America,” brought back the beloved characters and introduced a new chapter to the hilarious tale. Released in 2021, the film brings back Murphy and Hall. It follows Akeem’s journey as he discovers he has a long-lost son in America and must return to Queens to groom him as the future heir to the throne of Zamunda. Read our Movie Review.

This film became a box office hit. It brought in over $288 million worldwide. Its cultural impact is still felt today, as its influence can be seen in many films. Here’s to 35 years of laughter, and may the legacy of this iconic comedy live on for generations to come. Read more News on Nerdtropolis and Subscribe to our Channel.

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