Bullet Train 4DX Experience At Regal

Bullet Train in 4DX offered by Regal Cinema is a wild experience.

Bullet Train 4DX Regal

Regal invited me to attend a special screening of Bullet Train at their location right outside Houston, which is now offering the 4DX cinema experience. Regal Lone Star is located at 24720 Tomball Parkway, Tomball, TX 77375, and offers IMAX, ScreenX RPX, and 4DX options for your movie of choice. The Regal event had an array of delicious options to snack on. Additionally, guests of the evening were offered complimentary popcorn and beverage from the concessions and bar.

Before the 4DX screening of Bullet Train, the Regal marketing team gave us the low down of what to expect. 4DX theaters feature motion-enabled chairs that look like you are about to get on a roller coaster. These chairs create strong vibrations and sensations throughout the film. In addition, there are other environmental controls for simulated weather. It includes lightning, rain, flashing (strobe) lights, fog, and strong scents. This innovative cinematic technology that Hollywood since its creation, was developed in South Korea by the CJ Group.

Bullet Train may be one of the most extreme experiences you can have in 4DX.

The entire film takes place on a speeding train through Japan. So, ensure you don’t lose your ticket as you become immersed as a train passenger. The movie is a mysterious thrill ride with shocking moments and intense battles with multiple assailants pitted against Brad Pitt. Punches, gunshots, stabs, and characters being chucked are all felt via your chair. However, don’t be fooled when your chair is smoothly swaying because you are being set up for the next scene that will make you giggle due to how unexpected and wild the experience is. Expect your chair to shake, tilt, roll, and even spray you. But if you refuse to get wet then make sure to press the water off option on your arm rest.

Additionally, when the film takes you outside the train, you can feel the high wind blowing at you, and yes, when the weather comes into play, water is usually involved with the wind. Finally, get your body and popcorn ready for all the crashes and explosions that are not mild at all.

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