Blade Co-Creator Marv Wolfman Returns With A Dracula Marvel One-Shot Comic

Blade becomes a vampire in a special one-shot.

As we celebrate the 25th anniversary of the iconic film “Blade,” Marvel Comics welcomes back the legendary Co-creator Marv Wolfman. He will return to horror with “WHAT IF…? DARK: TOMB OF DRACULA #1.” It is set to arrive on November 18th, 2023. This special one-shot is part of the revived “WHAT IF…? DARK” series, offering dark twists on beloved stories.

Marv Wolfman’s imprint on the comic book horror genre is indelible, as evidenced by his groundbreaking run on “The Tomb of Dracula.” In that series, he introduced Dracula to the Marvel Universe. He also co-created Blade, the vampire slayer, and Dracula’s daughter, Lilith Drake. After decades, Wolfman reimagines his own mythology in a captivating What If…? story that delves into the question: “WHAT IF the legendary Dracula transformed Blade, the vampire slayer, into a vampire?”

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As fans anticipate the release of “WHAT IF…? DARK: TOMB OF DRACULA #1,” they can look forward to a tale that not only revisits familiar characters and themes but also showcases the enduring creativity of Marv Wolfman in the horror genre. The convergence of this special comic release with the 25th anniversary of the “Blade” film adds an extra layer of excitement for both comic enthusiasts and fans of the cinematic universe. Read more Comic News on Nerdtropolis and make sure to subscribe to our YouTube.

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