Battlefield V – Xbox Video Game Review

Battlefield V is on EA Play

For all of you at home on the edge of your seats wondering where last weeks’ reviews are, blame EA Play at Battlefield V. How am I supposed to review anything if EA is going to give me a hundred “free” video games at once!? 

EA Play

Game Pass Ultimate Members, by way of EA Play, just got Star Wars Fallen Order, The Sims 4, A Way Out, Battlefield, Battlefront, Madden, and Mirror’s Edge to name a few, and all I’ve been able to do for almost two weeks is, go to work, come home, then play more EA games. 

My personal recommendation is to get yourself a squad and jump into Battlefield V, which is technically Battlefield XIII or something… Battlefield V is a continued improvement on the Battlefield Series, featuring planes, tanks, half-tracks, and a variety of other gas powered war vehicles, each with their own massive skill tree related to your level with that vehicle.

Battlefield V Video Game Review

Buildings are back to being mostly destructible like the Battlefield Bad Company series and each character class is stacked to the teeth with upgradeable weapons and a handful of grenades or gadgets. Battlefield V has a crapload of maps from frozen stretches along the Bering Sea to the Swiss Alps and a little taste of Desert, not dessert. Battlefield V is set in World War 2 with both European and Pacific Front maps, mostly an equal split. 

The weapons are intentionally terrible because they’re what, like a hundred years old at this point? You’ll get cross-mapped by a tank blast, your terrible teammates will snipe from the base for twenty-five minutes and put up four kills or less, and enemy planes will shoot you down so fast you’ll never click to spawn in a plane again.


All gripes aside, I truly love Battlefield V and I recommend Xbox owners worldwide subscribe to Game Pass Ultimate, now featuring EA Play. 

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One thought on “Battlefield V – Xbox Video Game Review

  1. Honestly as a console gamer this brings an immense amount of joy to play. As an Xbox player I thoroughly enjoyed this lol Fun fact: we never got to attack Normandy, never got to go to the Battle of Midway, and never got to see the Battle of the Bulge, nor did we get to see Hawaii. It really makes me irritated about how amazing these events could’ve been done in the Battlefield world, but no, DICE decided we would rather go to places we’ve never heard of before.

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