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Battlefield V – Xbox Video Game Review

Battlefield V is on EA Play

For all of you at home on the edge of your seats wondering where last weeks’ reviews are, blame EA Play at Battlefield V. How am I supposed to review anything if EA is going to give me a hundred “free” video games at once!? 

EA Play

Game Pass Ultimate Members, by way of EA Play, just got Star Wars Fallen Order, The Sims 4, A Way Out, Battlefield, Battlefront, Madden, and Mirror’s Edge to name a few, and all I’ve been able to do for almost two weeks is, go to work, come home, then play more EA games. 

My personal recommendation is to get yourself a squad and jump into Battlefield V, which is technically Battlefield XIII or something… Battlefield V is a continued improvement on the Battlefield Series, featuring planes, tanks, half-tracks, and a variety of other gas powered war vehicles, each with their own massive skill tree related to your level with that vehicle.

Battlefield V Video Game Review

Buildings are back to being mostly destructible like the Battlefield Bad Company series and each character class is stacked to the teeth with upgradeable weapons and a handful of grenades or gadgets. Battlefield V has a crapload of maps from frozen stretches along the Bering Sea to the Swiss Alps and a little taste of Desert, not dessert. Battlefield V is set in World War 2 with both European and Pacific Front maps, mostly an equal split. 

The weapons are intentionally terrible because they’re what, like a hundred years old at this point? You’ll get cross-mapped by a tank blast, your terrible teammates will snipe from the base for twenty-five minutes and put up four kills or less, and enemy planes will shoot you down so fast you’ll never click to spawn in a plane again.


All gripes aside, I truly love Battlefield V and I recommend Xbox owners worldwide subscribe to Game Pass Ultimate, now featuring EA Play. 

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