Batwheels Is An Animated Batman Series For Pre-Schoolers

Batman and Robin team up with the Batmobile in Bathwheels.

Bathweels Announcement
Courtesy of Warner Media Kids

The voice cast announcement for the upcoming Warner Bros. Animation series Batwheels is here. Ethan Hawke will voice Batman and Jacob Bertrand will voice Bam the Batmobile. This is a preschool action-adventure comedy series featuring the DC universe’s most heroic and iconic vehicles. Batwheels castmate AJ Hudson voices the character of Duke Thomas, the first Black character to don the Robin “R” in the pages of DC comics. Batwheels represents the first on-screen portrayal of the character.

Bathweels Bat Family Cast
Courtesy of Warner Media
Bathwheels Batgirl
Courtesy of Warner Media Kids


They are a team of incredible crimefighters who have banded together to oppose evil, combat crime, and clean up the streets of Gotham City. They are…okay, they’re NOT Batman and Robin. Instead, they’re the Batwheels – an incredible group of sentient crime-fighting vehicles with super powers. They defend Gotham City alongside Batman, Robin, Batgirl, and a host of DC Super Heroes.

Having just been created by the Batcomputer, our heroes are essentially kids with little to no life experience. They are led by Bam The Batmobile. Bam leads the Batwheels that cosist of Bibi The Batgirl Cycle, Redbird Robin’s Sports Car, The Batwing and Buff The Bat Truck. They must navigate the growing pains of being a newly formed super team as well as the growing pains that come with just being a kid. This relatable and aspirational series will follow the journey of this dynamic team as they thrill and entertain with their heroic adventures and demonstrate to kids the value of self-confidence, friendship, and teamwork.   

Bathweels Cast
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Bathwheels Cars
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