Avengers Celebrate 60th Anniversary At Marvel

The Avengers first made their debut 60 years ago.

The Avengers will celebrate their 60th anniversary. To commemorate the milestone, a new run of AVENGERS will launch later. It will be by creators, writer Jed MacKay and Marvel’s Stormbreaker artist C.F. Villa! We have your first glimpse at interior artwork from the debut issue! The breathtaking pages showcase Captain Marvel, Thor, Iron Man, Black Panther, Captain America, Scarlet Witch, and Vision assembling against classic Avengers foe TERMINUS, the first of many epic challenges that await the team in the title’s opening issues.


The team will embrace a new divine purpose after being gifted with knowledge of THE TRIBULATION EVENTS, a series of grand-scale disasters that will spark upheaval throughout the known universe. A dangerous game is afoot, and the prize is greater than anything imaginable. Will the Avengers triumph in the face of the Tribulation Events and learn the connection behind these earth-shattering threats and Kang’s quest? Or will they be reduced to mere pawns in an extraordinary scheme beyond their comprehension?

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