Aqua Teen Hunger Force Complete Collection Announced

Aqua Teen Hunger Force: The Baffler Meal Complete Collection.

qua Teen Hunger Force

Adult Swim’s longest-running series, Aqua Teen Hunger Force, is getting a complete DVD collection. The Baffler Meal Complete Collection will be available on July 12, 2022. It includes ALL 140 Episodes from the Epic Series, Plus the First Theatrical Film, and all the enhanced content in a 20-Disc DVD Set!

Aqua Teen Hunger Force:  The Baffler Meal Complete Collection

The Adult Swim series is by creators Dave Willis (“Squidbillies,” “Space Ghost Coast to Coast”) and Matt Maiellaro (“Space Ghost Coast to Coast,” “12 oz. Mouse”). There are over 30 hours of content to binge on, Aqua Teen Hunger Force: The Baffler Meal Complete Collection. It is priced at $112.99 for the DVD collection and will also be available on Digital.


Three unique detectives, the Aqua Teen Hunger Force, share a rental house in New Jersey. This mystery-solving trio is comprised of human-sized food products: Master Shake, the big-mouthed, self-appointed team leader with a short attention span and no work ethic; Frylock, the only reasonable member of the group, who happens to be a box of French-fried potatoes–spuds with power; and Meatwad, a talented round mound of meat which can take the shape of a hot dog or an igloo. This triple threat tackles unusual cases from the luxury of a neighbor’s swimming pool–unless danger confronts them. Then, of course, the three-run like hell.

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