Ant-Man Will Celebrate 60th Anniversary With Limited Series

Ant-Man’s four issue limited series will launch in June!

Ant-Man 60th Anniversary Future Suit

One of Marvel’s most iconic heroes Ant-Man will celebrate his big 60th anniversary with a new limited series. Writer Al Ewing sets his sights on Ant-Man. He will be delving into the character’s unique history to examine every hero who’s ever taken on the mantle! Joining him on this epic journey will be artist Tom Reilly, known for his acclaimed work on the current THE THING series. Reilly’s stylish art will take readers on a brilliant adventure that begins in Marvel’s silver age and concludes in a strange new future. Each thrilling issue will focus on a different Ant-Man from Hank Pym to Eric O’Grady to Scott Lang as a brand-new future Ant-Man seeks to connect them all so they can face off against a threat only they can hope to defeat! 

Ant-Man Issue 1

It all kicks off in Issue #1, which will flashback to the early days of Hank Pym’s career as the astonishing Ant-Man! It’s date night for Hank and his girlfriend Janet Van Dyne, but nobody told that to Ant-Man’s enemies! Watch as Hank’s ant-agonists band together to finally take down the scientific adventurer! But will anyone come to his rescue? And who is the mysterious stranger who stalks him?

Pick up Issue #1 June 8th at Bedrock City Comics.

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